Recent cool website designs

Real Life (TM) keeps interfering with all the blogging love I’d normally be sending your way this time of year, but I thought maybe you guys would like to see some of the new websites I’ve done lately…  I really love website design – my techie geek side gets to play with my artsy side, so I’m very proud of these recent ones:


I finally got around to doing a little updating of the look and feel for the actual Dabbled Studios website. It was very in need of it! I still need to go in and update the content, but at least it’s prettier now! My favorite part of this is the full page resizing background (thanks, Grieg!). I used one of the methods at CSS-Tricks to get that like I wanted it.  I’m also obsessed with @font-face now for embedding lovely fonts — for this one I used Raleway Thin from the most awesome League of Movable Type, and also Latin Modern (found at Font Squirrel which is a great place to find excellent free commercial use fonts)

EDIT:  Doh, more work to to, just realized that IE continues to be a pain in my butt and the background doesn’t work right there.  So look at it in Firefox or Chrome! EDIT 2: I think I fixed it!  Let me know if you see any wonkyness in your browser.

See the site: Dabbled Studios.

The new website look

2. Epworth at Candler Park

This was a fun challenge — a simple, clean and inviting church website.   I really like the fixed footer on this one, and the abundant white space.  I can’t take all the credit for the look of this one, my friend Elise is apparently not only good at landscape design, but also a pretty fair hand at website design!  This church is in my neighborhood, so it was also really nice to help out part of the community. See the site:  Epworth at Candler Park

Epworth at Candler Park church

3.  The Hail Mary Sports Pub

This is another fun one.  The pub had a website, but it looked a little dated, and it was difficult to keep updated.  So this new version is hip and modern, with an integrated blog making it easy for the owners to keep customers informed of events, happenings, and specials.  See the site:  The Hail Mary Sports Pub

the new look for The Hail Mary Sports Pub