The Robot Scarf update, and a pic of the Elepurse in use!

Item 1:
The lovely and quite funny writer Samae posted a picture of her daughter with the Ele-purse II. So cute!

Item 2:
I finished the prototype of the Robot Scarf last night–I know, amazing for me–Concept to completion in one day. It took me about as long as it took the Steelers to lose. The robot ended up being a different one–“Claude-bot” (the Destructo-bot had too many skinny parts, not good for the concept).
Lessons learned:
– I envision better than I can hand sew. I swear I need minions, maybe elves, to actually execute my visions.
– By the time I was done I was sewing alot better and my fingers hurt.
– Fringe should be cut wider on a child size scarf. And i should take the time to cut it straight.
– I should have used darker floss for the robot decorations (eyes, etc) for better contrast.

Robot concept & quickie pattern
Concept sketch and pattern for the Claude-bot Scarf
(it’s cut off at the side here, click through and look at the large size on flickr if you want to use the pattern)

Tomorrow – The finished project and the instructions…