So dozy, so cozy, so tickety boo*… (aka the Wine Cozy)

This was a ultra quick project that I did because I wanted to bring a bottle of wine to a party, and wanted to include a cute wine bag. I’m sure someone has thought of this before, but I noticed my pile of sweaters sitting around from my sweater recycling projects (the elepurse, the snake, the future stuffed robot) and figured a sweater sleeve would make an ideal Wine Cozy!

Wine Bottle Cozy - quickie wine bag for xmas gift

The Process:
(You can see the original sweater used, in this previous post)
I held up a wine bottle to the sleeve to get an idea of the length, and cut it off with a bit to spare for hemming on the bottom. I though a different color would be cute for the bottom, so I used a scrap left over from the first elephant purse. And grosgrain ribbon left over as well for the (poorly tied) bow.

The sleeve was wider than I liked, and got wider as it went up, so I turned it inside out and machine stiched up one side, so it was more of a rectangle (tube). You don’t have to be exact with a project like this–i didn’t measure, I just estimated. Then I cut out a circle of the light green sweater material, with a diameter of an inch or so wider than the width of the tube. Keeping the tube wrong side out, I machine stiched the circle onto the tube. Again, this was a quick and dirty job. Turning right side out you get a nice round finished bottom.

Bottom of Wine Bottle Cozy

The top of the bag is already finished, since it’s the end of the sleeve, but I added the ribbon to close the bag. Here I was very lazy, but you could do something more finished–I only had about 10 minutes til the party!– I just snipped holes in the sleeve a few inches from the top, and threaded the ribbon through. That of course won’t hold up very well, but I figured a wine bag wasn’t going to get heavy use.

And that’s it! Cheap, easy, and looks spiffy!

*10 points if you get the title reference :)