The Space Robots go Fabric!

I’ve been meaning to create some fabric designs ever since I signed up for the Spoonflower beta. I finally got around to it, and here is my first attempt! The Space Robots (from the Robot Party) return!

Spacerobot Fabric Design

It took some trail and error to get the pattern like i wanted it, so here’s how I did it. (This is all done in Photoshop, but if you don’t have photoshop, here’s a great tutorial on how you do the same thing on paper!)

-I drew the elements of the design in pen, then scanned it. I used Illustrator’s Live Trace function with the Comic Art preset to get the lines like i wanted them, then moved it back into Photoshop.
-Then I used my new favorite technique to pull the line art to a separate layer.
-I created a new 8″x8″ image in photoshop because that was my desired dimensions. The plan here is to copy/paste the individual design element line art into separate layers, for ease of placement.
-To get the repeat pattern, I took one of the robots and a few of the stars, and laid them out in the center of the new image. I merged those line art layers into a single line art layer when i was satisfied with the placement. Then I used the Offset filter in Photoshop (horizontal & vertical set to 1/2 the width/height of the full image, wraparound checked*). That moves those images to the corners. Then I positioned the rest of the robots and stars in the center.
-I then merged all of the line art layers, leaving me with a background layer, and a line art layer. I created a new layer for the colors, and put that in the middle. Then I colored the image.

While in beta, only I can order the fabric, but if anyone wants some, let me know and I’ll order it for you!
It makes a nifty tiled desktop wallpaper too!

*credit: I used this tutorial to figure out how the offset filter worked.