Summer Inspirations (and how to embed a Pinterest board on your wordpress blog)

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I was playing around with Pinterest today (note the neat ‘Pin It’ stuff to make it easy to pin Dabbled stuff!) because I was thinking it could be cool to use Pinterest as a way to create inspiration link posts (like I used to do all the time when I had more time to devote to surfing my feed reader).  So with a little bit of research I came up with a cool and easy way to do just that.  So first enjoy the Pins below, then after that, look below to see how to easy embed Pinterest pin boards into your blog posts!

Summer Inspirations – Cool things to do this summer…

[prw username=”dorsner” boardname=”summer-inspirations” maxfeeds=”9″ divname=”myList” printtext=”0″ target=”newwindow” useenclosures=”yes” thumbwidth=”170″ thumbheight=”170″ showfollow=”medium”]

Direct Links: Citrus Vodka |   Personal sized baked oatmeal  | Little Monster Birthday Party – Watermelon Fruit Monster | Pop Rocks Rimmed Cocktails!  | Oreo Popsicle Recipe | Edible Cookie Dough Bracelet! | Beaded Crochet Bracelet Tutorial | Strawberry chocolate jello shots |  Guiness Ice Cream Car Bomb Sundae

How to add a Pinterest Pin Board to a Blog Post (WP)

How to Embed a Pinterest Pin Board in WordPress Blog PostThis was not overly obvious, and required a bit of research, but basically there is an RSS feed for any of your pin boards on Pinterest.  Example: board’s RSS feed is . Once you know that you have a feed, you’re halfway there, and there are probably multiple ways to handle it.

I took the quick way out and snagged the Pinterest RSS Widget plugin so I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.   Conveniently enough, not only does the plugin allow you to add a widget to your sidebar with any Pinterest feed, they also include a shortcode that makes it super easy to embed the pin board directly into a post.

So for the board above I used the following shortcode – replace the curly brackets } with square brackets ], obviously.  The syntax is pretty self explanatory, but the explanation for each field is here.  The username is your Pinterest name, the boardname is the name of the board.  Max feeds is the number of posts you want to show.   The divname is for styling (I didn’t worry about that here).  Printtext determines if you want to include text- I didn’t.  I set the thumbwidth/height to 170 to make 3 across, nicely spaced.

{prw username="dorsner" boardname="summer-inspirations" maxfeeds="9"
divname="myList" printtext="0" target="newwindow" useenclosures="yes"
thumbwidth="170" thumbheight="170" showfollow="medium"}

And that’s really all there is to it.  It was easy to do, so I will probably do it again sometime, as a good way to collect links.  I know there are mixed feelings in the crafty blogging world about Pinterest, and I’ll admit I haven’t really done much with it yet, but I do think it does have some excellent potential.

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  • Vone [] :

    Thanks for the info. I just switched over to WordPress and wanted to add the Pin it button.

  • Dot [] (author) :

    glad to help!

  • Dot [] (author) :

    My next cool Pinterest trick is here:
    Add /source/ feed to your sidebar

  • Thomas Dixneuf [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    @GeoffreyDorne je sais pas si c'est exactement ça que tu veux. mais ça peut te dépanner. p't-être :)

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  • Anne Osterrieder [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    How to embed a Pinterest board in your WordPress blog post. Useful!

  • michelle D drouse W [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    How to embed a Pinterest board in your WordPress blog post. Useful!

  • Nathan Hammond [] :

    Wow, thank you so much! I’ve been looking around for this. Google didn’t want to pull up anything but walkthrough’s on how-to embed a pin.

    Hard to use Pinterest as an embeddable gallery if you’re trying to do it pin by pin.

    I never even thought about Pinterest offering an RSS. Now it’s time to start brainstorming all the things you can do with a Pinterest RSS…. ;)

    Thanks, once again!

  • Nathan Hammond [] :

    By the way, what plugin are you running to get the Twitter mentions to show-up as comments like that? That’s nice!

  • Dot [] (author) :

    glad it was helpful!

  • Dea [] :

    I tried what you did but the pics won’t show… Do you know how to use the one in ???

    by the way the page is in it wont show

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Sorry, no idea… I’m not a pinterest expert :)