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I have a ton of projects in the works, but nothing to show you yet.. (I’m definitely trying this from the fabulous Diana of Craftypod, and I got some bake on laser transfers which i haven’t even opened yet which i’m trying to figure out what to try out with those). But I just realized that I haven’t priced any of my consignment sale items and I have to get those done today. And tons of stuff to do before the wedding this weekend (The Boy is gonna be a ringbearer, eep!)

So, wanna help out? Post a cool site or project that I (and the readers!) should check out… Cheers!

Oh, and do check out the charity auction.. sob, only one bid thus far.. sigh. Maybe it’s the piece? Well, I’ll also offer up one of the cute little robots if anyone likes that better–if you wanna bid on a custom robot instead, post that :) .

The Ringbearer – if you ever need to find a kids tux, ebay is the place!:
D's new tux

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  • Molly B [] :

    I don’t think it’s the piece that’s the problem; I had a hard time finding the auction that your piece is in, and that might be a problem for other people too… is there a direct link to your auction? I never did find it from the links in your post. Of course, that could just be me. :-)