Robot Cake Love at Baby Toolkit

I was calmly perusing my google reader, looking for cool stuff, when I came across this nifty robot cake. “Oh how cute,” I thought to myself, “those remind me of my little robots. And what a clever way to decorate a cake..” So I keep reading, and hey!–They are inspired by my little space robot guys! Nothing warms my tummy more than spreading the robot love.

So, kudos to adrienne of Baby Toolkit on an excellently decorated cake – she’s got a great writeup on how she used a store bought cake decorated with easy homemade fondant. And happy birthday to the little one…!

Robot Spaceman Party InvitationIf you missed it, all the Robot Party stuff is here, including downloadable invite & thank you note graphics, and my own slightly more complicated cake design.

Oh, and they also had a starring appearance in my first attempt at fabric design!

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