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BRAAAAINS! Conehead Zombie… PvZ costume

BRAAAAINS! Conehead Zombie... PvZ costume

The Cutest Little Conehead Zombie:

I promised you guys a second costume for The Boy’s halloween (you’ll remember he’s also doing Draco Malfoy, Death Eater), and here it is!

He’s a big fan of the Plants Vs. Zombies video game, and insisted on being a Conehead Zombie. We also considered buckethead, but we had the cone, so that sealed the deal.

This is easy to put together, and tons of fun.… [ KEEP READING ]

Dragon*Con 2011 Costume Photos

Dragon*Con 2011 Costume Photos

Finally getting around to posting photos from dragoncon, and there were a ton of great costumes… Here are a few. I’m sure I will never top the popularity of my most famous flickr photo, the Cookie Monster Slayer, but I can dream, right? You can see more at flickr or on my google+ feed.

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The Perry The Platypus Costume

The Perry The Platypus Costume

Updated!!– New photos and instructions here for making it even better with EYES!!

Tutorial: How to make the Perry the Platypus Costume

Here are some basic instructions, pictures follow.

At it’s simplest, you can do this with a green hoodie and sweatpants. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find a green hoodie, so I made a simple one out of fleece, by tracing around a current sweatshirt. (see pics below) I added a few pieces of ‘hair’ with black embroidery floss.… [ KEEP READING ]

Agent P! The Boy’s Perry the Platypus costume

Agent P! The Boy's Perry the Platypus costume

I spent several hours yesterday making The Boy’s Perry the Platypus costume. My twitter friends will recall my desperate search for a green hoodie sweatshirt, which I never did find, so I made one out of fleece. The platypus tail (made of fleece, and quilted!) is the crowning touch, I think. We were running out the door to the Halloween festival, so I didn’t get any good pictures, but I’ll take some tomorrow so you can see the full effect.… [ KEEP READING ]

More… Halloween Costume ideas & instructions (Part 4?)

More... Halloween Costume ideas & instructions (Part 4?)

Have you figured out your costume yet?  A couples costume?  For you?  For your kids?  Well, here’s more inspiration and tutorials! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)


Halloween Costume Tutorial: The Spider!

Halloween Costume Tutorial:  The Spider!

Welcome to yet another Halloween post!  (Don’t miss any this month: Get the Feed (RSS) or Get Dabbled via Email)

This easy and fun homemade costume was the hit of last year’s Halloween carnival–I love how the arms all move!–so I insisted that my friend Holly write up instructions to share with you guys.


Black turtleneck shirt
Black pants or sweatpants
3 pairs of long black socks
Black toboggan
4 pairs of white gloves
3 small Styrofoam balls – cut in half
Square of red felt
Square of black felt
Craft glue or a hot glue gun
A spool of invisible thread
Sewing needle
4-5 sheets of newspaper or tissue paper
1 long black pipecleaner


For the spider body:

For the spider legs, evenly stuff each sock with newspaper, but don’t overfill.… [ KEEP READING ]