More… Halloween Costume ideas & instructions (Part 4?)

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2996622905_9435c59e2aHave you figured out your costume yet?  A couples costume?  For you?  For your kids?  Well, here’s more inspiration and tutorials! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

If you missed it yesterday: Halloween Costumes, Star Wars Style!

From my own photo collection, here are some other great (mostly homemade) costumes from parties of years past, for your inspiration!  Click to see larger…

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  • Fanie [] :

    Hello Dot/Nancy, :-)

    You’re blog is quickly becoming one of my favorite on the web! Thank you so much for everything you’re sharing.

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  • creatrope [] :

    Here’s a DIY Giger-inspired Alien costume we built for Halloween 2009