Taxidermied Mice, and other web oddities…

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Today we have a collection of fun links, some halloween, but most not… ! To start off, this has got to be the most retweeted thing I’ve ever twittered. Wouldn’t you like Taxidermy Mice for YOUR wedding cake topper!? Available here!

I’ve been going cool link crazy on Twitter lately, so here are some selected Twitterings:

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  • claudia [] :

    Heh. Thank you for the link to Machinarium. Now we are addicted and have to buy the game. Why ever did I click on the link? ;-)

  • Nancy Dorsner (Dot) [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    In case you adore my fabulous link-tweets, and might have missed any:

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Too funny! Sorry for the new addiction!