Decorating for your Halloween Party – Links Galore!

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Planning a Party?  Or just getting into the Halloween Decorating Spirit?  Here is a roundup of a bunch of cool ideas, for classy, spooky, creepy or scary decor!


First off, for some general sources of inspiration..

Check out The Swell Life’s 24 Crafts in 24 Hours. I especially love the Green Slime Lantern and Veggie Head for your halloween party decorating.

Always a great source for any occasion, One Pretty Thing has done some excellent roundups for Halloween:  Here and Here are two good ones!

Now, for some specifics for party decor…







Hope you enjoy these!

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  • Skye B. [] :

    This is seriously one of the best guides I’ve stumbled on aside from‘s DIY Halloween Guide I like theirs only because I’m a visual learner and they’ve included a bunch of how-to videos. For anyone who’s going all out for Halloween and creating anything from scratch, you should enter this Halloween photo contest Seems like fun!

  • Nancy Dorsner (Dot) [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    New @ Dabbled: Decorating for your Halloween Party – Links Galore!: Planning a Party?  Or just get..

  • Eric Barclay [] :

    Awesome links. You do holidays right… I’ll bet even groundhog day rocks at your house.

  • JustForFun CraftNews [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Fun Halloween decorating ideas: bloody candles, mad science theme tables, murder scene bathroom, etc!

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Well, H’ween is my favorite. :) Groundhog day just seems to happen over ..and over.. and over… ;)