The as yet unnamed food blog project… coming soon.

1-LemonsI mentioned in November that I was thinking about a new food-related group blog. With the holidays, that fell to the back burner, but now that we have a fresh new year, we’re starting up work on this new project. So, I figured I’d give you guys a heads up on what’s coming!

This new blog will try to answer the eternal question of ‘What’s for Dinner?’, with recipes, how-to’s, menus, techniques, and so forth. We’ll cover things like date-night meals, kid-friendly dinners, party fare, and budget friendly eating. It will be a group blog, with bloggers from different areas and different family types all providing unique insights. It should be a lot of fun, and a great resource!

We are also looking for possibly another 1 or 2 bloggers to participate as part of the main team. If this sounds like it’s calling you, drop me a line at Dot[at]dabbled[dot]org, and I’ll send you additional details. Tell me a little about yourself, and include where you’re from, your family type (single/partnered/kids, etc), and also what you’re really interested in writing about from a food perspective. If you have a current blog about other topics, include that too!

PS: We still need a fun name for the new website, so I’d love any ideas from you creative types out there!