The Little Game Box

LittlegameboxtopHere’s a great little stocking stuffer you can make yourself. My 4 year old played a game similar to this* at grandma’s over Thanksgiving, and loved it, so I thought a pocket version would be a great little ‘handmade’ Christmas gift. I’ve included (almost) everything you need to make one for yourself as free downloads! Just grab the file, print, and add your own Altoids tin for a cute little gift that fits perfectly in a stocking! This freebie is a present for you, my readers, because if I didn’t have you, there wouldn’t be much point to this.

You can make 2 different games with this set, both a “Treasure Hunt” game like the one The Boy liked so much (explained below), and also a “Memory” game (your standard Concentration type card matching game).

The free download set includes 3 sheets of cards (60 cards in all — yup, 60 original Dot drawings! I think I’m insane.), instruction sheets, and labels perfectly sized for sticking on the top of an Altoids tin.

Little Game Box Download Set

Wanna see what you get? Click on a pic below to view larger or as a slideshow.

To play the Treasure Hunt game:
Lay squares out in a 5×5 or 6×6 grid–or whatever size you want. One player hides a dime or other small marker under one of the squares. Remaining players try to guess which square by asking questions, and all squares not matching the answer are removed from the grid. (Example: “Does it fly?” If the answer is No, then all flying things are removed from the grid. If Yes, then all things that DON’T fly are removed.) Players take turns until the marker is found. Winner gets to hide the marker for the next round.

*I have no idea of the name, but it was more complex than this… this is a simplified version suitable for small ones.


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