Thursday Linky Goodness

Thursday is brought to you by the letter “L” for Linky Goodness!

Instructions to make really pretty shrinky necklaces at Craft Stylish – Of course, you know I’d have to make them with recycled to-go boxes!. But some great ideas for decorating with stamps. :)

More Inspirations:

Really nifty clown illo – and a great tutorial on how it was colored in photoshop using scans of pressed flowers! via Drawn!

Jewelry out of old CDs at Crafting in a Green World!

A cool interview with Megan of not martha, at Craftboom!. I’ve gotten some great inspiration from Not Martha in the past, –love her “Bacon Cups” shown in the interview, and I also love the DIY shoe rack!

So sweet! Hello I’m Sally’s cupcake pincushion!