Here’s a great idea for cake or cupcake decorating, using tootsie rolls! They come in all kinds of wonderful colors now… My friend Grieg made these (apparently he’s not just a great photographer, but a great cook as well), and was generous enough to show us how!  You can see some of his other creations at Foodwhirl, too!   (Like the Cheesecake Cookie Cupcakes, and Chocolate Hearts)

How to Make Tootsie-Roses

For the petals:
Starting with the smaller of your teardrops, wrap each petal around your flower base and continue until you are satisfied with the size.

For the leaves:
Take a green tootsie and also pull into a teardrop. But instead of using the petal, use the pointed end pinched over to make a leaf.

Once flower is formed, adjust peddles to desired position and then quickly run entire flower under cold water or plunge into a bowl of cold water to set it.

Once completed, remove from chopstick and cut the bottom of the rose off and place on cake/cupcake, or whatever you’d like to decorate!


Thanks Grieg for sharing this cool technique!

Of course, you can make a lot more than roses with these tootsie rolls..  They are moldable for all kinds of decorate cake toppings.  (If you remember, I used these as a ‘skull’ for my dragon on the dragon cake, then covered it with fondant.)

Hope you enjoy this, and be sure to send pictures if you try this technique!