Halloween Cocktail Inspiration

Halloween Cocktail Inspiration
Six years. Long enough to have a baby and raise him/her until they are school ready. Long enough to date, get married and launch a career. Six years is long enough to remodel a house, launch a business, go to graduate school or change the course of your life. Six years is a substantial commitment and you may not believe this, but: I have been blogging for six years. I will give pause for you to roll your eyes. You should. And you might think I am about to pontificate about my ability to own a soapbox, talk incessantly and blog blog blog into the horizon.… [ KEEP READING ]

Hassle-Free Handmade Holidays

Please welcome Dabbled’s special guest today, Rachel from the fabulous inspiration website One Pretty Thing!! Hassle-Free Handmade Holidays By Rachel Klein of One Pretty Thing If you’re anything like me you think the same thing every year. “This year I’m going to make all my own gifts/bake the desserts from scratch/grow all the decorations myself! It’s going to be awesome!” It sounds so festive, so heartfelt. But how many of us actually have time to do it? It’s taken me a few years but I’ve finally got my handmade holiday system down to a science. A schedule of crafting and planning that starts in the summer allows me to create the handmade gifts that bring me so much joy, as well as save me money and stress in December.… [ KEEP READING ]

Blue Jean Remake – Funky cute kids jeans tutorial

I thought this springy tutorial of Colleen’s from 2009 deserved another airing… check out how to remake too small jeans into these fun girls pants!
One of the most creative people I know, Colleen (of the great indie online fabric store Some Art Fabric & and the brand new Sloth Craft) has gifted us with this fabulous blue jean remake tutorial.  Born of a wrong sized thrift store purchase for jeans for her daughter,  this is a great example of how to take something ordinary and turn it into something way cool!   As always, we LOVE our guest posters

Adding Some UMPF with an Airbrush!

Hi Everybody!!  My name is Chrissy P. from Felted Chicken!  I’m your average-everyday Felter living & working on Hollywood, CA.  I’ve been needle-felting for about a year and a half now, and am always looking for new, interesting, and easy ways to add some extra UMPF to my sculptures.  Nancy was kind enough to ask me to share a tutorial on one of these processes. In addition to the traditional felting techniques that everybody uses (needle & wet-felting, dying my own wool, accenting with tufts of colored wool)  I also use an Airbrush to add shadows & gradients to my pieces. … [ KEEP READING ]


Here’s a great idea for cake or cupcake decorating, using tootsie rolls! They come in all kinds of wonderful colors now… My friend Grieg made these (apparently he’s not just a great photographer, but a great cook as well), and was generous enough to show us how!  You can see some of his other creations at Foodwhirl, too!   (Like the Cheesecake Cookie Cupcakes, and Chocolate Hearts) How to Make Tootsie-Roses

How to Make a Baby Sling

My lovely neighbor Katie has made a ton of these slings, for both herself and for friends, and she’s graciously shared this tutorial. This makes a great baby gift for a friend, and even if you’re not overly sewing proficient, you can make one for yourself while the baby is napping! These work for small babies, up to toddlers… Katie has given us a great step by step with pictures, but if you have any additional questions, just ask! Making a Baby Sling