Turn a negative into a positive (and how Sears gets social media)

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I like twitter.  Within the loosely knit community of crafty folks I hang out with on Twitter, we’ve been having discussions about the right and wrong ways to use Twitter, and about effective (and SOOO not effective) ways that twitter is used by both large and small businesses.  (Check out @kpwerker’s mystifying exchange with an organization that obviously has no clue!)

So I tweet.  And along with posting cool links and interesting stuff I’m doing–and chatting with my buds (hi guys!)–I also occasionally give kudos and/or rants about companies I do business with.  Like how I will never buy another camera from Pentax due to their awful customer service, or how Snapfish really impressed me with their fast delivery and issue resolution.

So I tweeted the other day about helpful customer service from Sears in setting up an appointment to level my new washing machine (which, by the way, is an LG and I really like!).  Then I had to take back my kudos via tweet when they didn’t show up for the appointment.   Within a short while I got a message from @MySears, which apparently watches twitter for what people are saying about the company.  They were concerned about my bad experience, and offered to have someone contact me.   Their Care team contacted me the next day, and researched the problem, were incredibly helpful!

This is a perfect example of a good use of social media by a large company — they found about about my problem while it was still fresh, addressed my problem, and made me feel like a valued customer.


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FTC Stupid Disclaimer – I am not a pawn of Sears, LG, Snapfish, or even Craftypod!  Don’t you feel protected by your benevolent government now?

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