Tutorial: Make a Lemon Pie, or 2!

Decorating the Lemon Pie - After SugarAnother installment in the Dabbled Picture Recipe Series! Other recent food how-to’s:
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This is a favorite lemon pie of mine… It’s dense, rich and very lemon-y. Lemon Chess, closer to lemon bars than lemon meringue. These make a lovely hostess gift (bake the pie in a pretty pie plate for your recipient to keep)… or make your own ‘gift set’ with lemons, the recipe, and some gear to make it (recommendations below).
(UPDATE: Get the recipe as a PDF here)

How To: Make a Lemon Pie
1. How to Make a Lemon Pie: Ingredients (2 pies), 2. Zesting Lemon*, 3. Lemon Pie: Ingredient Prepwork, 4. Juicing Lemons**, 5. Whisk Melted Butter, Sugar, 6. Add Eggs, 7. Whisk well to combine… ready for pie shells!, 8. Place crust pastry in 2 pie plates***, 9. Crimp Edges, 10. Continue around Pan, crimping edges, 11. Split into the 2 pie shells., 12. Lemon Pie, all done.

Gear Recommendations:
*Nothing zests a lemon quicker or better than a Microplane. I love mine.
**The nifty little juicer I have is convenient- It has a measurements in the cup so you can see how much you have, and it has other attachments, like the egg separator I used in the Eggnog recipe.
***I love my Pyrex pie plates. They cook evenly and seem to do much better than metal.


(Can double and make 2 pies—freeze one*)
1 ½ lemons (3/8 cup lemon juice)
1 ½ cup sugar
1/3 cup butter, melted
3 eggs
dash salt
unbaked pastry shell, 9”

Place pastry in pie pan and crimp edges. (If you’re using storebought pie dough, let it get to room temperature first for ease of unrolling)
Have lemon at room temperature or soak in warm water (to get more juice).
Zest rind (note, you just want the yellow on top, not the white pith, so zest shallowly).
Ream out or squeeze lemon , measure juice.
Add sugar, melted butter, eggs, salt. Mix with wire whip until smooth. Mix in grated rind or just put it in the pie shell. Pour rest over.
(For making 2 pies, I used a measuring cup to alternate scoops into each pie shell)
Bake at 325 about 45 minutes.
Makes one large pie.

*If you want to freeze a pie, just bake the pie, then cool it. Wrap tightly with plastic wrap, cover with foil, label, and freeze. Thaw in the refrigerator before serving.

For extra prettiness and festive holiday cheer: Cut a snowflake out of tissue paper slightly smaller than the top of the pie (or use a paper doily). Place on top of the pie and sift/shake powdered sugar on top. Remove paper, and you have a pretty wintery design! NOTE: Do this right before giving/presenting/serving, so the powdered sugar doesn’t sink in and disappear.

Decorating the Lemon Pie- Tissue paper snowflakeDecorating the Lemon Pie - After Sugar

Pastry: For this, I cheated and used prepackaged all ready pie crust from the refrigerated section. But making your own isn’t hard, here’s the recipe:

Oil Pastry:
Quick, easy, & healthier

2 cups sifted all purpose flour
1 ½ tsp salt
½ cup corn, canola, or light olive oil
¼ cup cold milk

Fluff flour & salt together with fork. Pour salad oil and milk into measuring cup (do not stir). Add all at once to flour mixture.
Stir lightly with fork until it forms a ball. Divide into 2 parts.
Flatten one ball slightly. Sprinkle both sides of dough with extra flour. Roll between 2 floured sheets of wax paper. Peel off top sheet and invert over 9” pie pan. Continue according to recipe.
The extra ball can be used for a top crust, to make 2 pies, or frozen for use later.