Winners of the Quickie Holiday Card Contest

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The holiday card art challenge vote is over and the winners are in! (Hey, the holiday craft challenge voting is still open – go vote now!)

People’s Choice Vote Results:

1st I Don’t Do Jingles from Mocando
2nd Hip for the Holidays from Peter Breese
3rd Keep Me Warm in the Snow from Carolineickle

My blog, so I get to pick a winner too, and Dot’s Choice Award goes to:
Santa and the Yeti from Bella Sinclair. That is the cutest Yeti ever :)

The first place winner in the People’s Choice Vote and Dot’s Choice Winner receive the following little nifty prize, a set of 4 art postcards. Please email me at Dot[at] dabbled (dot)org. All winners get an award button, below.

PS – I’m just trying out Artfire (linked above) – I like it thus far, no listing fees like Etsy (though the free monthly option is limited). If you’re thinking about getting your feet wet with a shop, but not wanting commitment, I think it’s a good option. If you sign up, you can go through this link and I’ll get credit for sending you! Register on (Buy these as real big prints here)

Holiday Roundup – all the cool Dabbled stuff for the season in one place!

All you winners, snag a nifty little button to show off your coolness! Just cut-n-paste this html..

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3 Comment(s) »

  • Bella Sinclair [] :

    Wooohooo! Wow, thanks, Dot! I am honored and thrilled (no complaints from me on the judging process :D !) Thanks for staging this challenge. It was definitely fun to do.

  • Dot [] :

    good lord, this same spammer keeps ‘leaving her first comment’.. so annoying. Cue Strongbad: Deleted!

  • Michael O'Connell [] :

    Hi Dot! This was so much fun! Thanks for putting this on! And another thanks for giving me a reason to contact all those people in my address book… and what a great prize!!! Can’t wait!!