Work in Progress – Sweater Octopus

The beginnings of my stuffed sweater octopus prototype

I mentioned a while back that I had an idea for some stuffed sea creatures. Not that The Boy needs yet another stuffed animal, but I had one of those visions I couldn’t get out of my head, except by attempting to create it. Now, my process for this generally involves thinking through how to do it, then just making an attempt. Sometimes with the final materials (if i have alot of faith in my vision) and sometimes not. No wussy patterns, measuring, or detailed planning for me, no sir! In this case, the design i was envisioning was a little complex so I figured my prototype needed to NOT be made out of the cool stripy sweaters that I’d been saving. Which is probably a good thing, since I have a feeling this won’t be my best work. But it has accomplished the point of being a prototype to work out the bugs of the design, so no harm done… and if i tweak it enough, it will be a passable, if not perfect, end product.

For the design to work as I wanted it to, I may only be able to create a 6 legged creature. A Sexapus? Hmmmm..

So the above is how my prototype is going…