2008 Dabbled Roundup

How to make a chair out of a champagne topHappy New Year’s Eve everyone! Go make a tiny chair tonight!

Since it seems the thing to do, here are a few pictures of some of the cool stuff from Dabbled this year. It’s been a great, creative year, and thanks to all of you who played along at home!

So three big Mosaics.. Art, Food, and general Dabbled craftiness
(I was lazy, and didn’t link these back to the original posts, but use the search to find a project, or click through to the flickr pic and USUALLY I have a link back to the original post included.)

A selection of art from 2008
1. Tempest in a Teacup, 2. Humpty, 3. T-shirt Wearing Bots, 4. Poppiees, 5. Code Monkey Valentine, 6. Repair, 7. Memories, 8. Alice in the rose garden, 9. No, The Shower is NOT Vacant, 10. Sour, 11. Sluggy Freelance Guest Art, 12. Detach, 13. Little Miss Muffet, 14. Illustration Friday – Baby, 15. Electricity, 16. Strings, 17. Santa Balloon, 18. Drunken Pig – Bacon Vodka label, 19. Matching thank you notes for the Robot Spaceman Party invite, 20. A Faux Vintage Poster – Cthulhu Advertising Squid

Some Dabbled Food Projects from 2008
1. Lemon Pie How-to, 2. Halloween Cocktail Experiments, 3. Freezing chicken stock, 4. Making Oatmeal Cookies, 5. Halloween Sweets, 6. Stacked Christmas Tree Cookies How To, 7. How To Make a Blueberry Pie, 8. Flayed Skin Cheeseball How-to, 9. Making Eggnog , 10. Sweet Sushi, 11. Halloween BrainDip, 12. Making Crepes, 13. Making tiny wedding cakes cookies, 14. Robot Cake, 15. Mozzarella Eyeballs

Some Projects from Dabbled 2008
1. How to make a chair out of a champagne top, 2. Make a recycled picture frame ornament, 3. Make a Shrinky Santa, 4. Throw a White Elephant Party, 5. Make a Sweater Snake, 6. Halloween Monster Wreath Tutorial, 7. Henri, the Octo-puppet, 8. The Shrinkie Test Lab!, 9. Freezer Paper Stencil – Robots, 10. The Boy’s homemade Play Stove, 11. Robot scarf , 12. Finger Puppet Bus, 13. The Baby Ele-purse, 14. Hacking an Ikea Kritter bed, 15. Wine Bottle Cozy (Gift Bag)