How to: Make a little chair from a champagne cork wire!

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This is a quick and easy thing to do with those little wire tops that hold champagne corks. And with New Year’s Eve coming up, you know you’ll have some of these lying around (unless you buy twist offs, of course!). These would make cute little dollhouse chairs, a neat xmas tree ornament, or just a fun tiny nicknack!
How to make a chair out of a champagne top

It’s really easy to make… Just remove the wire from the bottom, and transform it into the ‘back’ of the chair. I’ve written up a step by step Instructable HERE!

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Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

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  • Crafting with Cat Hair [] :

    This is super cute! What an ingenious idea.

  • Eric Barclay [] :

    This is really cool! I think I’m going to bring needle nose plyers to the new year’s party tonight. :-)

    Happy new year!