Awesome Crafty Giveaway from Elmer’s Craft-It (@elmers) …$150 value!

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So my big plan was to come up with a really cool Christmas project to show off the stuff in this box… and a lot of great stuff it is… cutting mats and X-actos, and glues –courtesy of Elmer’s… all kinds of crafty goodies. (the full list is below). But as I mentioned yesterday, this past month has been a blur, so I have fallen behind in my crafty-bloggy duties. So, give me an idea of what YOU would do with this box of goodies, and you can win your own box!
Craft It elmers giveaway

The goodies inside:

· 9” x 12” Mini Bi-Fold Foam Board

· Designer Series Gripster Craft Knife
· Designer Series 12” Metal Ruler
· Designer Series 12” X 12” Self Healing Mat
· Designer Series 8” Scissors
· Designer Series 5” Precision Tip Scissors
· Designer Series Basic Shape Templates
· Designer Series Decorative Shape Templates

· Painters Bright Colors
· Painters Sherbet Swirl

· Dot Runner
· Foam Mounting Tape
· Thin Medium Glue Spots
· All Purpose Glue Stick
· Quick Dry Dual Tip Glue Pen
· Elmer’s Designer Tape

Just leave a comment below telling me what awesome project (holiday project???)  this box would inspire you to do, and by random selection you can win your own box. Tweeting about this also counts as a second entry, as they show up in the comments as well. Be sure to stop by and visit the Elmer’s Craft it! facebook site, too!

{Contest is Closed! Stay tuned for the winner as soon as I’m not on death’s door with this cold…!}

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  • Ava [] :

    Oh, am I first? That’s a mess of stuff!! I was meaning to try the freezer paper stencil projects you did before, and I would use the craft knife and cutting mat to make Christmas shirts for my daughters.
    Thanks for this, Ava

  • Megan [] :

    I would make a poster for my son showing letters, colors, and shapes to hang in his room! Using the stencils, craft knife, cutting board, colors, etc :D I might even go pick up some sticky velcro so I can put matching shapes/colors/letters on top or next to the glued on ones. :) (He’s only 21 months, so that stuff is interesting to him. ;) )

  • Teresa [] :

    I don’t know what I would make but I do know if I put the box in front of my kids, there would be all kinds of crafty goodies made.

  • Curiositykt [] :

    I would make a whole mess of Christmas cards!

  • Kelly D [] :

    This would inspire me to make Christmas decorations, like Christmas ornaments for our tree, with the help of my kids.

  • Mary [] :

    This is sooooo fun! I can imagine hours just flying by as I play and play, making cards and things for friends and family.

  • Kelly D Saver [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Dabbled | Awesome Crafty Giveaway from Elmer’s Craft-It (@elmers) …$150 value! via @dotatdabbled

  • Kelly D Saver [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Awesome Crafty Giveaway from Elmer’s Craft-It (@elmers) …$150 value! via @dotatdabbled

  • Kelly D Saver [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    RT @dotatdabbled: Awesome Crafty Giveaway from Elmer's Craft-It (@elmers) …$150 value!

  • Velody [] :

    I would use all the great stencils and cutting tools to make items form my son’s at home pre-k lessons.

  • Taman [] :

    Would use these tools to make a cool, one-of-a-kind comic book for my girlfriend documenting our first year together. Our anniversary is coming up next month! Hooray!!

  • Francis [] :

    I’ve been wanting to build a world for my nephew before I go off to join the Peace Corps. I want to build something for him to remember me by, and a small world, maybe flat, the size of a table-top or maybe in the round would be perfect.

  • Cat [] :

    Wow!! This is really a great offer/prize! Would love to get this!

  • Eric [] :

    I would use the kit to create a new video game craft project for a mixed media class.

  • anon [] :

    I’d give this to my mom, but I don’t know what project she’d use it on.


  • Treegold & Beegold [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Awesome Crafty Giveaway from Elmer’s Craft-It (@elmers) …$150 value! via @dotatdabbled

  • amy c [] :

    I would make some Christmas cards with all the goodies in that box

  • Michelle [] :

    I would make some messy Christmas cards with my kids.

  • Dee G [] :

    WOW this is a bunch of fantastic Elmer’s stuff! My 10 year old daughter and I just love to craft! This would help us make some amazing homemade Christmas cards and ornaments for our family. Also, I’d love to use it to re-purpose some items into new, usable items (t-shirts, key chains, etc.). The items in this box have an endless list of things that could be done with them!

  • Chrissy M [] :

    I would use it to help make all the Christmas presents I have planned. I’m making everybody framed, paper-cut designs for christmas. The Xacto supplies would come in SUPER handy!!

  • Gregg Deal [] :

    I would use the blades to create some high end stencils to represent the holidays and go out in the DC area and rock some serious Xmas street art! BOOM!

  • Lori B. [] :

    I recently moved to New York and within a month was back home due to job changes. In all that I was forced to get rid of a lot of my supplies. This would be perfect for getting back in the swing of things!!

  • Tribak [] :

    I’ll start my plushies store, using the kit for doing the packaging.

  • destoo [] :

    I will definitely print more 3d models with my 3d printer and they will look better and better. I suck at painting and I’m not too good with an x-acto, but with better material I would be able to make nicer things.

  • Deidre [] :

    There is so much I would/could do… My priority would be Xmas kid crafts!
    Xmas ornaments with the kids, crafty gifts, cards, etc.

  • Felted Chicken [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    Who wouldn't want all this?!? Awesome Crafty Giveaway from Elmer’s Craft-It (@elmers) …$150 value! via @dotatdabbled

  • Brian Miller [] :

    Anthropomorphic corn-dog christmas ornaments, and a wreath that looks like an eel biting its tail!

  • Rachael [] :

    I just want to craft. I’m tired of working a 13hr job and want to make things.

  • adrienne [] :

    I can see the kids and I having a lot of fun making some ornaments with those supplies!

  • Rusty Rowley [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    RT @dotatdabbled: Awesome Crafty Giveaway from Elmer's Craft-It (@elmers) …$150 value!

  • Michelle [] :

    There are so many things I would use this awesomeness for, but handmade holiday cards are calling to me!