#BananaLuv: Bestest Banana Recipes EVAH!

GoodNCrazy Goes Bananas!

bananas on banana bread on plate

And maybe you’re thinking so is Dot? Where is she you ask? Um… she didn’t tell me?! I think she’s on a super secret mission? She promises to be back soon though? Maybe she’ll have additional robots for her collection.. ya think?? In the mean time… you’re stuck with me. Carissa. Mom/writer for 1 GoodNCrazy blog and chief craftster/boredom wrangler/mother to 3 kids. When Dot asked me to guest post for her.. I said oh girl.. I’ve got the perfect post…food, luv, chocolate, bananas… what could be better!?

child banana costumeI heart Bananas.

Join me at the smoothy store? Yes, I’ll take the bananaberryverydelicious option.{ Man I hate saying that out loud.}

Recipes that include bananas in them? Oh yeah baby, I’m all over ’em. Pancakes? (Cue the Jack Johnson song…makin’ banana pancakes…) I have a rockin’ banana pancake recipe that is more hearty than most people’s turkey dinner! In fact we often eat these for dinner! How about banana breads and muffins? Cakes you ask?

I do not discriminate! In fact if offered a flavor choice from LaffyTaffy to Lollipops.. even my kids already know the answer… ‘Are there any yellow ones??!’ They hand ’em over with no questions asked! A few weeks back I came across a friend’s Banana Icebox Cake with Chocolate Cream Frosting! Um? Hello… YES! I stumbled that post and begged her to mail me a piece of the cake… still waiting for that package in fact!? About that same time I was talking to my twitter posse of pals and one mention of my love for all things bananas and we were off and runnning! I had to create a hashtag to make it legit of course… #bananachat was born! (It lasted about 15 minutes.. but feel free to share your banana luv with the hashtag if you feel inclined!) Here’s one response to my call for a banana shout out:

banana twitter recipe idea

THANK you Gina!  Grilled bananas? All over that. (Feel free to chat with her about all things lactating and apparently banana related too!) Here is the most fabulous banana recipe bustin’ link up list EVAH! {at least as created by me?} I plan to try out every. single. one. But I’ll share I promise!

Enjoy— Let’s go bananas together!

good life eats banana cake Orange Spice Banana Bread My pal Katie from GoodLife{Eats} bakes up wonders so it was no surprise that she had a banana recipe spectacular when I asked!
frozen bananas Frozen Banana Wonders! Another foodie buddy Chris from BlogWellDone never fails to amaze me! From Turkey Brining to kids cooking, basically whatever I ask for.. he’s got it! Kind of like a personal online chef! You’ll love his site!
triple chocolate banana bread Triple Chocolate Banana Bread From Lobolita.
banana-flapjacks4 Banana Flapjacks From Epicurean Escapism.. these look more like oatmeal bar cookies?
bananafood Bananas as aphrodisiac? Okay with me! From Anne of Carversville.
monkeybars Monkey Bars! These are Gluten Free.. from Healthy Tasty Chow.
banana bundt greenlitebites A whole banana bunch of healthy recipes From Green Lite Bites.

A history of the banana? Whatever.. just be sure to check out the Best Banana Recipe Contest!

Gold Coast Banana Loaf Cake {Pictured at top of post} by Inn Cuisine

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