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Blue Jean Remake – Funky cute kids jeans tutorial

Blue Jean Remake - Funky cute kids jeans tutorial

I thought this springy tutorial of Colleen’s from 2009 deserved another airing… check out how to remake too small jeans into these fun girls pants!

One of the most creative people I know, Colleen (of the great indie online fabric store Some Art Fabric & and the brand new Sloth Craft) has gifted us with this fabulous blue jean remake tutorial.  Born of a wrong sized thrift store purchase for jeans for her daughter,  this is a great example of how to take something ordinary and turn it into something way cool!   [ KEEP READING ]

Adding Some UMPF with an Airbrush!

Adding Some UMPF with an Airbrush!

Hi Everybody!!  My name is Chrissy P. from Felted Chicken!  I’m your average-everyday Felter living & working on Hollywood, CA.  I’ve been needle-felting for about a year and a half now, and am always looking for new, interesting, and easy ways to add some extra UMPF to my sculptures.  Nancy was kind enough to ask me to share a tutorial on one of these processes.

In addition to the traditional felting techniques that everybody uses (needle & wet-felting, dying my own wool, accenting with tufts of colored wool)  I also use an Airbrush to add shadows & gradients to my pieces. … [ KEEP READING ]

Make Valentines Day Cupcakes, from Hello Naomi!

Make Valentines Day Cupcakes, from Hello Naomi!

Dabbled LOVES Hello Naomi (aka Naomi Henderson), a favorite cupcake maker from Down Under! (Read the Dabbled Interview with her)

We’ve features her fabulous work here before (here, and here), and she has graciously given us a tutorial on how to make some lovely V-day cupcakes.

See below for

  • The Vanilla Cupcake recipe
  • How to Decorate them

(a few translations from us Yanks, to the best of my ability: Icing Sugar = Powdered Sugar.  [ KEEP READING ]

Tutorial: Make a Bracelet from an old Record

Tutorial:  Make a Bracelet from an old Record

Today we have another lovely guest poster here on Dabbled,  Kelly from Tresijas!  I discovered Kelly through some of the really cool creations she had posted in the Dabbled Flickr group–especially her vinyl record creations–, and I asked her if she’d honor us with a tutorial.  And she agreed, so here it is…  Enjoy!

How to: Make A Bracelet from Vinyl Record

List of materials:

Toaster oven with tray
An old pair of scissors
stretchy gloves (to protect from heat)
record album
low grit sand paper
bracelet mandrel or other cylindrical object (a soda can or skinny glass bottle will work too)

Most of these items can be found at a second hand store.… [ KEEP READING ]

Tutorial – Make Resin Star Christmas Tree Ornaments

Tutorial - Make Resin Star Christmas Tree Ornaments

I’ve been admiring Kerry’s resin work in the Dabbled flickr group, and resin is something I’ve never worked with, but always wanted to try! I’ve asked Kerry to share a simple tutorial to take some of the mystery out of working with resin. And so she did! These little Christmas tree decorations would be fun to give as gifts, top a package, or decorate your own tree… hope you enjoy! [ KEEP READING ]

Make Quick Mittens

Make Quick Mittens

Hi! I’m Heather from Dollar Store Crafts, a daily blog devoted to making cool crafts with dollar store stuff. I’m so excited to be swapping holiday posts with Dot!

Do you love felted sweaters as much as I do? Felted (or technically, “fulled”) sweaters are made from animal hair-based yarn (like wool, alpaca or cashmere), and washed in hot water and dried in the dryer until they shrink up and the fibers are fused together (kind of like dreadlocks on a micro scale).… [ KEEP READING ]