Black Heart Anti-Valentines Day Contest – v 2.0!

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ver20***2/17 – Judges’ Results will be posted tomorrow. Vote Now for the People’s Choice award winner HERE!***

It’s time! The second annual Dabbled Black Heart Anti-Valentines Day Contest is here!
If you remember last years, it was a ton of fun. (Check out last year’s entries here, and winners, here!)

The Rules:

Quite Simple: The theme is anti-valentines. Something a bit darker/creepier than you average valentine project–or however you interpret “Anti-Valentine”. Illustrations or any sort of food or craft project welcome. Tutorials and How-to’s are encouraged! Simply create your offering, and either post the link to it as a comment on this post (if you don’t mind others seeing it), or email it to me at holiday[at]Dabbled[dot]org (if you prefer secrecy!)- please put “Black Heart Contest” in the header of your email. And show off your stuff on flickr by adding it to the dabbled group pool.

You can enter more than once, but only 1 of your entries can win (i.e. the same person can’t win 1st and 2nd place)

The Time Frame:

Entries must be received by 11:oo PM Eastern US time on Feb 12.

The Prizes:
The coolest stuff will be featured on, linking back to all your other equally cool stuff if you provide a website. And the *top* winners will receive other prizes (Go See the Prizes HERE!) which have been donated by our Sponsors. And of course “I’m a Winner” buttons for your blogs/websites.

How will the winners be chosen? Well, we have 3 lovely and talented judges who’ll be weighing in!

Spread the word! Last year’s was a blast, and we had so much cool stuff, so let’s get even more creative people involved this time :) If you’ve got a blog or participate in a message board, add a button (below) or post a link back to this post.

Just copy and paste this HTML to add this button!

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  • Dot [] :

    Via email:
    Hi there!

    It’s been so much fun, acquainting myself to you through your
    blog. Love your aesthetic and your crafty eye.

    I’m throwing my hat into the the ring for the “Dabbled Black Heart
    Anti-Valentines Day Contest”.

    This time last year, I was doing a series of live readings in Los
    Angeles. I was reading aloud exerpts from my actual teenaged
    diaries (which I kept, daily, from age 13 to age 18). I
    entertained the audiences mostly by reading things I wrote about
    “Dane”, the boy on whom I had a monumental, all-consuming, FOUR
    YEAR CRUSH. He (perhaps predictably) treated me with cool
    indifference, for the most part.

    It’s a deeply vulnerable thing to read my diaries, and so, for the
    Valentine’s show, I wanted to give out something to audience
    members that would match the tone of cringing embarrassment and
    honesty that my readings gave me.

    I scanned vintage valentines and images (some from my collection,
    some from flickr) and put my own spin on the captions. I tried to
    make them a little bitter, a little overly honest, maybe a little
    needy, but not without a small amount of whimsy.

    You can see a small selection here:


  • Dot [] :

    via email:
    Greetings! Was wondering around blogs and found your Anti-Valentines contest. So I thought, hey I've done some anti-valentines stuff this year I should go ahead and throw myself under the creative bus and see what happens.
    I just started working with MDF 1/01/09 and making some mix media wall hangings, which is what I'm submitting. Little nervous since I've never entered in anything or really shown my work but away we go…

    I did forgot to enter some different ones that aren't MDF, hope that's still ok. I tend to dabble, no pun intended, in all kinds of art forms so I have a few. And darn it I wanna win something hahaha.
    (which is actually where I got the "crazyHeart" MDF shape from, yes that is neither here nor there)
    (This is my friend Lester, all he wants is to give you his heart! Also all the white is glow-in-the-dark but it's super hard to get a picture of that.)
    (What can I say I hate the <3 sign)

  • Dot [] :

    via email:
    From: Liaison

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