Tuesday Linkday (and new version of IF)

Flickr Finds: Upcycled cool craft ideas

Brownie Points does it again.. More Citrus inspiration: I’m going to have to try this recipe for the best candied orange slices in the world. (But probably with Lemon – Like my Candied Lemon Peel from last week!)

I love this idea for using rub on transfers meant for scrapbooking as a means to decorate party glassware, at Hostess with the Mostess


*The cool security envelope jewelry above is blogged here by My Ugly Kitty
*Speaking of Resin Jewelry, a massive video on Instructables on how to do it. I want to try this, anyone have any other recommendations on ‘how-tos’?
*A neato tiling project, using cut up credit cards! I love this idea. (via Craft)
*These poetry and art pendants are neat too.
*The always clever Diane comes through with another fun tutorial, Recycling Magazines in to Jewelry!
*I have no idea how I found this (via One Pretty Thing, i think?), but I love the simplicity of these vases, and it looks easy to make.
*These are just too cool! The Pretty Penny has directions on how to make felted slippers on the recipients feet! (via One Pretty Thing)
*Along those lines, baby socks made by recycling a baby sweater… These are just adorable, and easy to make too. would be a neat gift. (via Whip Up)

Just for Fun:

Iconic Zombie Obama Poster and so clever Diversity of “Species” in the Rainforest Poster (at Superpunch)
Speaking of our soon to be president, see yourself in iconic poster form!

And the new version of my Robot Girl (2.0) (I didn’t like the coloring job on the previous version of “Contained”–of course, this version is a little less contained, too!):
Robot Girl 2.0