Lovely things you may have missed

Over the holidays, I asked several of my favorite crafty people to do some guest posts for me while I was out of town. Since a lot of you might have also been on vacation or a tad busy (though, I’m sure you came here immediately and checked everything you missed, right??), here are 3 lovely projects that you’ll want to check out!

Melissa from Crafting with Cat Hair on making Felt M&M Cookies! Couldn’t you just see these heart shaped for valentine’s day?

“I absolutely love to use felt to make crafts. Not only is it easy to cut and sew, but is super cheap! One 11 x 9 sheet of acrylic felt, which can be bought at your local craft store, costs around 20 cents a sheet. My favorite item to craft out of felt is play food, especially sweets. I have done plenty of felt sweets over the past several years, so I thought I would share with you a super simple and fun felt cookie tutorial.” More…

From Chica & Jo, this is a great treat idea!

“Hi, we’re Chica and Jo! Dot asked us to share our idea with you for chocolate-covered marshmallow treats. These treats are a fantastic snack for any occasion and are a big hit for holidays, birthday parties, family dinners, or just a rainy day inside with the kids.
Jo was inspired to make these treats after having something similar at Disney World, when she had chocolate-covered marshmallows on a stick. With some quick experimenting, we found that they were very easy to create and customize at home. Here are the simple steps as well as a fun idea for what to use as the holder.” More…

Needle Felting - Pollywog's Cakewalk, for Dabbled.orgHello, I’m Sally from Pollywog’s Cakewalk brings us a really great tutorial on how to make a little gnome using needle felting.

“I had the wonderful opportunity to take a needle felting class at a local community farm where I made this little sheep [picture].
I fell in love with a gnome that was made by the instructor and decided to try and replicate it. Steps Follow: ..” More…