Blue Jean Remake – Funky cute kids jeans tutorial

I thought this springy tutorial of Colleen’s from 2009 deserved another airing… check out how to remake too small jeans into these fun girls pants!

One of the most creative people I know, Colleen (of the great indie online fabric store Some Art Fabric & and the brand new Sloth Craft) has gifted us with this fabulous blue jean remake tutorial.  Born of a wrong sized thrift store purchase for jeans for her daughter,  this is a great example of how to take something ordinary and turn it into something way cool!   As always, we LOVE our guest posters!  Hope you enjoy this great tutorial as much as I did!  — Dot

Blue Jean Remake

Blue Jean Remake – by Colleen

I sew. Sewing defines me as a person and as a crafter. I don’t remember learning to sew, I know I did not spring from my mother’s loins with the skill. My dad taught me some time between yesterday and forever ago. I had my first job sewing before I was double digits, child labor was not an issue, since I worked for my dad.

jeans2 Sewing lead me down the wicked path of fabric and fabric brought me to where I am now, someone who owns an online fabric shop, Some Art Fabric.

I also love thrift stores, I purchase most of my kids clothes there, as well as supplies for much of my craftiness. Recently I went shopping sans children. I found some jeans that I thought would fit #1 child. I was wrong. So I decided to deconstruct the jeans and add in some space so that they would fit. This tutorial is an idea, and assumes that you have made a pair of pants before or at least worn a pair enough time to be able to figure out how they go together.

If it don’t fit! Alter it!

Colleen has lovingly prepared the tutorial as a pdf.
Download the 5 page tutorial: Jean Remake

Hope you enjoy!
As always, we’d love to see it if you try it!
And if you want more inspiration from Colleen, be sure to follow her blog, Some Art Talk!