Braaains! Salmon Brain Dip every Zombie would just die for.

how to make salmon 'brain' dip for halloween Really, Halloween is NOT that far away, and if you’re really into Halloween, like we are around here, it just makes sense to start thinking about things early! So, as part of my new “clean up old stuff on Dabbled” series, I realized that while I gave the recipe for this brain dip as part of a post on the food I created for a previous halloween party, I had not actually pulled it out into a post of it’s own. So it’s high time that we did! I’ve done some kind of brain shaped dip for halloween for pretty much ever, but I used to do a crab dip that had gelatin in it so it kept it’s shape really nicely. And of course, I do HAVE a brain shaped mold. But for last year I decided to keep it simple and hand mold the brain shape, which allowed me to do a smaller batch, of a higher quality dip.

So, the how-to and the recipe:

The recipe is super simple, and surprising healthy, as far as dips go.  It’s popular with both kids (my 7 year old loves it) and adults!


  • 1 package Cream or Neufchâtel cheese – leave a room temperature to soften.
  • 1 6-8oz piece of salmon, cooked (Just sprinkle with salt & pepper, and cook in whatever manner you want.  You could grill it, or put in under the broiler, or cook it stove top)
  • 2 Tablespoons Sour Cream
  • Optional:  Sriracha sauce, or Tobasco, to taste.
  • Lemon juice

Remove skin from the salmon, and break up your salmon into small pieces.  The finer your salmon is, the more it will look like brains, but honestly, I prefer to keep the chunks a little larger.

Stir up your cheese and sour cream, and add your salmon and sraracha, and a few squirts of fresh lemon juice to brighten the flavor.

The next step is to mold it into a brain shape.

Form two balls, one for each half of brain, and press together. Use wet hands to smooth the surface. Use a chopstick to etch out the lines of the brain using a picture for reference. Use wet hands to smooth.

Place in the middle of your favorite silver platter, add slices of french bread or crackers, and serve to your favorite Zombie!