Bunny love

I picked up Sock & Glove after reading about it on futuregirl(via whip up I think).

And I loved the idea of the glove animals. Now, realize that I’m usually better at visualization than execution (i.e. I can think up all kinds of really neat things to do, but I get lazy when it comes to actually doing it) and my sewing skills are marginal at best. But I digress…

Glove Bunny

The Materials:

I’m enamored with the idea of doing some of these out of really nice wool or cotton socks/gloves. Knowing my limitations, I decided to go for cheap materials to make my first attempt. So I found these hot pink acryllic gloves in the dollar spot at Target. As I had embroidery thread from a previous unfinished project attempt, my cost outlay was pretty low :)

The Recipient:
I like having a target recipient for my project, and of course my initial thought was that the target of the first attempt would be The Boy. However… the hot pink… at 2, I don’t think his gender sensibilites would have caused a negative reaction, but alas, it just felt too girly. Luckily next door baby loooooves bunnies (and the boy sleeps with a faboo sock monkey that her mom made), so I decided to make it with baby H in mind.

The End Product:
I think it worked out pretty well for a first attempt. I think it would look better (but more of a choking hazard) if it had buttons or such for eyes. I’m claiming my pretty crappy attempt at making the features is an effort in playing up the handmade crafty aspects of the bunny.

The Follow-up:
The Boy, although in theory loved the idea of giving the pink bunny to Baby H, in practice was wanting to take it back home with him. So a quickie bunny #2 was created! (pic to be posted)