Halloween Food

For the past 12+ years, we’ve thrown a halloween party, and it’s a goal every year to come up with some new project for the food or decor. D did make several cool new additions to our halloween decor, but took them down before I got a chance to get a picture of them. So, moving right along then… about the food:

New this year:

Sweet sushi (introduced at April Fools day) does a repeat performance. Directions are here
Sweet Sushi

– Creep fingers. I saw something similar in a magazine (may have been BH&G halloween issue) and changed it a bit. I usually do Witches Fingers almond cookies, but decided that that would be too much cooking this year, so this was the alternative. The original pic was white chocolate, but I had several mishaps with my white chocolate this year, so I ended up making them out of regular melted chocolate chips. (A happy accident, as i think the taste of the chocolate with the salt of the pretzels was tastier than it would have been with white) Also, the original had slivered almonds as the finger nails, but I borrowed from my cookies and used whole blanched almonds (split in half so they weren’t as heavy) because i think they look creepier. Easy to do, just dip the pretzel stick in the chocolate, and stick on the almond. I used a cooling rack at a 45 degree angle to hold the pretzels while they dried. The holder idea was also stolen from the magazine. Just glasses, covered in sleeves off an old shirt.
Creep fingers

Mozzarella Eyes – A new creation of my own this year. Easy and yummy.
Yummy mozzarella Eyeballs

– Monster balls. A test run due to the fact that I had left over Rice Krispie treat mixture and a bag of gummy body parts that I had impulse purchased at Big Lots. They were all eaten, so I guess they worked out! They are pretty self explanatory. The eyes are white chocolate with mini chocolate chips embedded. I glued them on with extra melted chocolate.
Monster Balls

-Bone Marrow: Bread baked with smoked sausage and BBQ sauce inside, with the ends split to resemble a bone.
Bone Marrow

Other Creepiness, Back by Popular Demand

– Flayed Face. Erika created this by layering proschutto into a art store face mold, then filling with a spicy cream cheese and cheddar cheese ball mixture. Lessons learned from last year… shread the proschutto into small pieces or it’s too hard for people to ‘cut’ through. Served with wheat crackers.
Flesh face

– Brain. Old-y but good-y. I’m thinking about changing the dip next year, though, just because I’ve done this one for years. It’s a crab dip in a brain mold – I got the recipe/idea years ago from http://www.britta.com/HW/HWr.html. That’s also where I got the recipe for the witches fingers cookies that I usually do, and I recommend those as well.
The fish plate and Brain dip

– Peanut butter eyeballs. I don’t remember where I got this one, and a search of the internet reveals that alot of other people have it too. But this is a perenial crowd favorite.
Peanut Butter Eyeballs