Tentacle Hugs Valentine Day Card Printable

Another Valentine’s Day free download for you… This cute little squid made his debut in 2009, and is back as a printable for your valentines day needs! Plus, instructions on making your own quick envelope for this or any other homemade card!


Single Card – Tentacles are for Hugging

Set of 9 mini-cards – Tentacles are for Hugging

2 cards – Tentacles version, Happy Valentine’s Day version

Download either the larger single card, or a set of 9 mini cards for school giving.

Quick Homemade Envelopes

If you want envelopes for your cards, the process is simple. (See the photos below for visual instructions!)  I like to use pretty coordinating paper for the envelopes. Scrapbooking paper works well for this — a 12×12 sheet of scrapbooking paper will make 4 envelopes for the the mini-cards (cut into 4 6×6″ squares.)

  1. Cut out your envelop square.
  2. Place your card in the center of the square, diagonally, and mark around it lightly with a pencil to estimate your folds.
  3. Fold all the corners in so they meet and overlap in the middle.  (Make the folds slightly larger than your card.)
  4. Place the card in the  middle.  Fold two opposing corners in, then the other two.  Secure with a coordinating sticker.

Click on a photo below to view larger, or as a slideshow.