Code Monkey Valentines Day Card Printable

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This little Code Monkey made his debut a few years ago, but he’s back as a downloadable/printable PDF for a geeky Valentines Day card for 2010. Perfect if you or your significant other is a Code Monkey, a Jonathan Coulton fan*, or at least always on the computer! Available in 2 tagline versions: “Code Monkey Likes You.” and the simple “Happy Valentines Day”.
Just print, fold, and give!

Download :

Code Monkey Likes You version: Code Monkey Likes You Card

Happy Valentines Day version: Computer Monkey Valentines Day Card

*Code Monkey song reference link

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3 Comment(s) »

  • Rachel [] :

    I love this! Perfect for my coder. And a great way to butter him up for a favor. =) Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  • Dot [] (author) :

    Cool! Good luck on the Buttering Up :)

  • r.pinnegar [] :

    Thank you! It’s very cute :)