Cool Blog Spotlight, plus more fun links..

Browsing today I ran across Felt-o-rama and I had to share. A cool blog all around, but I love the sidebar which links to tons of neat felt projects. I found it because they link to the Felt Cookies (from December by Crafting With Cat Hair), and there are tons of other fun tutorial links, from faux food (like we featured yesterday) to softies, to wearables, and more. And also broken down into holiday themes, like christmas and easter. Check it out!

I made the mistake of starting to read Watchmen this morning, and therefore have been totally unproductive today… So off to run some errands!

I’ll leave you with a few more nifty!neato!fun! links…

Interesting..Ideas for a Scrabble Wedding
Hmmm…How to destroy the world with nano-bots
Pretty! A Tweet Necklace, for us Twitter addicts (I’m Dotatdabbled)
Crafty! Make your own bookplate stamp
Sew-y! From the same site, a neat tutorial on sewing finished edges.
Neato! Make working paper gears out of junk mail! (Whoa, this related gear heart is COOL.)
Plug! Go check out my friend Aaron’s webcomic ..This one about Facebook is too true.
Ooookay… The ultimate in geek-foodie: A PC EZ Bake Oven (a joke apparently, but what a nifty idea!)
Highly Recommended: Sita Sings The Blues. Watch in online if you have an hour plus to spare, or download. And if you like it, Donate!

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