More updates to

bigtwi3tStill a tad discombobulated here at Dabbled, but I’m making progress on getting the basic stuff set up. You can now go peruse the Craft tab, the Art tab, and the Food tab. I created a new Archive page… too, and made my 404 page more lovely, since I have a feeling people will run across it! I still have some work to do cleaning up the sidebars, and I’m going to be adding more stuff too. Like a Shop, and Free Downloads, and other Goodies!! Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see…

And yes, things are still a little broken. I’m trying to work through documenting all the “moving from Blogger to WordPress” steps and gotchas I ran into… and there were a bunch. If you’re interested I’ll write that up soon.

But I’d love any feedback you have for me!

And please, if you’ve been following Dabbled via Blogger’s Followers feature, update to the regular RSS feed at If you were a blogger follower, please let me know if you received any posts after the “Sunday Inspirations” post.

edit: oops, just see something I might have broken!