Flickr tools and toys

Dabbled MagazineIf you follow Dabbled at all, you’ll know I’m a fan of the photo site, I love it, and I use it for Dabbled and for my personal stuff. But one of the neatest things about it is the open API which allows all kinds of cool toys and tools to be built for it. Even if you already use flickr, hopefully you’ll find some new info here!

My favorite flickr toy – Mosaic Maker. I use it to make the mosaics I post here. (Like this or this)

Some other fun stuff from Big Huge Labs: Make your own magazine cover… You’d buy this wouldn’t you? (Click to see larger)

Here’s something else fun, a slideshow made from some of the pictures loaded to the Dabbled flickr pool by our MSCEApril participants! View slideshow
(Slideshow Maker)

Another neat slideshow from

Poster v3You can also mock your friends by featuring them in their own feature film poster, like this funny one I made.

Check out all the cool toys at Big Huge Labs, like Make your Own Trading Cards, Photo cubes, Motivational Posters, Wallpaper, and More!

An interesting search tool is FlickrStorm.

And, Flickriver is a neat way to look at pictures in flickr. And it created this cool badge from the pictures in the Dabbled Pool:
Dabbled - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver

april-foolsSpell with Flickr creates cool words from flickr images, like this.

Want a Blast from the Past? Try Photojojo’s Photo Time Capsule… it emails you your most interesting photos from a year ago.

Want more Flickr tools and toys? Check this site out for a way comprehensive listing.. .Also this one..


  • Dabbled Flickr Group – If you’re on flickr, join the group and post your artsy/craftsy/foodsy photos there… who knows, you might be featured on Dabbled one day!