Make a Hot Wheels Car Launcher — Fun!

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Making a Hot Wheels Car Launcher!

You know you want to… Go check out the instructable here. (Uh, and sweetie, darling, dear child… please keep it on the ground, and away from the glass window panes, okay?) Thanks Handy Hubby for helping to make my latest crazy vision a reality! Oh yeah, and I’ll remind you that you have to go vote for it (if you like it of course…but remember I REALLY need a fifth instructables t-shirt.) on 4/20. edit: if you like this, go VOTE for it! (it’s the 7th one in this list, i think)

Rubber Band Powered “Hot Wheels” type Car LauncherMore DIY How To Projects

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  • [] :

    This is AWESOME! My nephew is going to love this!

  • Peter Breese [] :

    So freakin’ cool Dot!

  • Chrissy [] :

    A race car slingshot…too cool! Thanks for the great tut…I’m linking over tomorrow from OCP!

  • Ginger [] :

    What a great gift to make for a birthday or lot of them for all the little boys at a party.
    Dot you rock loved this idea re- linking you as well..

  • Alan Hinchliff [] :

    Had to make this out of Legos, after seeing this in Make magazine.

  • Dot [] :

    Very COOL!

  • wedding dress [] :

    really cool