Earth Day is coming up… Think about crafting GREEN!

Earth Day is April 20, and besides celebrating by going to the Sweetwater 420 Festival which I’ll be doing this weekend in Atlanta, I figured we should also get some green crafting in. So here’s a few links for you to get you started…

And finally, a flickr roundup to give you some inspiration for your green crafting… Think Green – Recycled Fashion from around Flickr. Click through the links below the picture for more information on each, and to see the other cool stuff these artists & crafters do with recycled materials!
Think Green - Recycled Fashion from around Flickr

1. piglinks, 2. Ad Bracelet, 3. Recycled Tunic, 4. RCA Record Comb, 5. a batch of studs – copyright amalia versaci 2009, 6. Madonna Wine tote, 7. Olive and Teal Sundress, 8. recycled plastic earrings, 9. around the world in 80 stamps upcycled vintage bag

Not directly related, but I’ve been meaning to post this:
Blog friend and artist Diana Evans has a new website, Bees For A Cause, where 50% of proceeds of the sale of her cute “Bee” print go to Heifer International to help struggling families earn income through the sale of honey, beeswax and pollen. Every $30 Raised purchases a package of bees, the box and hive, plus training in beekeeping. It’s a little thing, but it shows the direct impact that people can have on others.