Goodbye Tumblr as a Portfolio Platform - nancy dorsner art and illustration…and hello WordPress!

Several years ago I created a portfolio site for my art on Tumblr.  I wrote up the how-to here, and it’s been a very popular post–and still quite valid for using Tumblr for this purpose.   However, I’ve decided to move on now.  I design most everything in WordPress these days, and it’s so much more flexible and powerful.  And although Tumblr is free, hosting is dirt cheap these days, and you can host multiple sites on the same account, so having another WordPress site on my account doesn’t cost anything.

Not that tumblr doesn’t work, and you can still see my old site here if you’re interested.

But is about to be up on WordPress (I’m working on moving it now) and shiny brand new.  I’m still working on it… but I wanted to go ahead and get it moved over.