Halloween Costumes, Part 2… Creative Couples Costumes

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Another flickr Gallery for you, this time, Couples Costumes. Some of these are quite well done… others not so much, but still a funny concept. Hope these provide some inspiration! (Previous Couples Costumes here and some more inspiration here, including Dr. Horrible costumes)

Couples Gostumes Gallery on Flickr
Couples Gostumes Gallery on Flickr

See them all at the flickr Gallery

Row 1
The Joker and Poison Ivy – Really well done version.
Ketchup, Mustard, and Hotdog – Too cute!
Plug N’ Socket Costume
White Wedding
Row 2
Bavarian Couple
Amidala and Darth
Princess Honey and Darth Teddy – OK, not human, but I couldnt resist
Aquaman and Mermaid (Arial?) – So perfect!
Batman and Harley Quinn
Row 3
Hatter and Alice – Nice job.
Ghostly Couple
Little Red Riding Hood and Leashed Wolf – Great concept
King and Queen of Hearts
Couple of gnomes

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