Halloween Costumes

I’ll have more pics from this weekend’s halloween party later, but here’s a few halloween costumes that I had to show off. You have some cool ones you wore? Post links in the comments!

Halloween Costumes from the Party

Plus, as you fans of Dr. Horrible would know, it’s kinda awkward when Penny invites both Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible, and they both show up.. I knew that Chad would be coming as Dr. Horrible, I didn’t even realize my friend John was coming as Captain Hammer… made my Penny costume even better. The handy hubby made my ‘gun shrapnel’ which was held to my chest by magnets, as I really liked the dress!

Dr Horrible montage, halloween party 2008

Photos: Grieg Wehr

Yummy Mummy Hand HOW TOPS: If you were busy this weekend like me, you might have missed this fabulous Yummy Mummy hand, which was made by Dr. Horrible in the above pics!

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