Halloween Wrap-up – Party Food

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Row 1: Mozzarella Eyeballs. Instead of last year‘s idea of just using sliced olives with pimentos, I used the technique by the Evil Mad Scientists to create more rounded eyes. The mozzarella balls were marinated ones from Trader Joes.
Row 2: Flayed Skin Cheeseball makes a reappearance. An art store face mold, covered in shreds of proscuito. Cheese ball mixture was 4 or so cups of shredded cheese, 16 oz cream cheese, cajun spices, and some extra finely chopped proscuitto.
Halloween Party Food Prep
Row 3:
1) Final Cheeseball
2) Ingredients for Salmon Brain. 8 oz cream cheese, 1 small piece of fresh salmon, broiled or baked, skinned. 2 heaping tablespoons of sour cream. spices.
3) Hand Shaped Brain, ready for chilling. To form brain, mix all of the ingredients well. Form two balls, one for each half of brain, and press together. Use wet hands to smooth the surface. Use a chopstick to etch out the lines of the brain using a picture for reference. Use wet hands to smooth.

Row 4:
1) Final Brain
2) Completed Creep Fingers and Peanut Butter Truffle Eyeballs.
3) Sushi Samples for this year (directions here). Dried fruits top row: Peach Nigiri, Turkish Apricot Nigiri (split in half so that inside fruit shows), Papaya Nigiri, Papaya/Apricot Maki. Bottom Row: Papaya/Apricot Maki, Sugared Mango Nigiri, Peach (skin side up, split down middle, seam covered by ‘nori’), low sugar Mango Nigiri

Row 5:
1) Sushi Spread
2 & 3) Creepy Bubble Cocktails (instructions here) – Kalhua Grasshopper Shooters*, Orange Fish Eye Shooters**, Extra Pearls for adding to drinks. (Green=Creme de Menthe, Blue=Blue Raspberry drink mixer, Red=Grenadine with added red food coloring).

*Kalhua, Cream, poured over Creme de Menthe balls
** Orange liquer over Red (or Blue) balls

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