Halloween – Even Creepier Cakes

The lovely ladies at They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara have some of the creepiest cakes ever. This Thorax Cavity Cake really ‘takes the cake’! The rib cage is white chocolate, and each of the organs is a goo filled yummy cake–all different gourmet flavors. Full instructions on how to make this ultimate in “gross your dinner guests out” halloween cakes can be found on their site. Also, even if you’re not into “gruesome” as a theme, their techniques can be used on various sorts of cakes. I found several useful tips.

I actually think i like it better without the blood:

Also, check out the Zombie Cake (the second page has some great white chocolate covered cherry eyeballs with instructions, on our previous eyeball theme); and for the less cooking inclined, check out some nice pumpkin carving ideas!

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Inspired by yesterday’s Eyeball Soup cake, Heather recommended a link to this site!

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