Project Planning…

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So what’s in the queue for projects that I want to try…

-Jewelry: I had my mom bring me back some beads from India, and I want to attempt something with those (I bought some supplies, but except for one failed attempt at a bracelet this summer–the beads were too heavy for what I wanted to do–I haven’t done anything with that yet.
I have nifty little round boxes to put said jewelry in as a great gift, if i can just get around to creating it.

-Sweater snake: I saw a cute idea at the Candler Park festival this year where they had made long funky snakes out of old sweaters. must try that. would be nifty for boy. So, trip to thrift store or maybe i have something in my closet?

-Xmas cards: OK, not that creative of a project, but a project none the less, so here’s the status…
First step –Pictures *complete!*: I dragged the little pink tinsel tree out of the basement to give me something seasonal for the background, dressed the boy all cute and did a photoshoot!
Step 2– Photoshop (in process): A few pics turned out pretty good, so a little bit of cropping, photoshopping different options — thinking black and white for this, but still working it.
Step 3 — determine how i’m going to do the cards — print them myself? Go through an online print place (used Vista Print last year)?

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