Another Halloween is over…!

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Thanks for joining Dabbled for Halloween 2009… hope you enjoyed it!
You can see all the Halloween projects & posts here:

Andreas costumeI also wanted to point out one last cool costume..
Check this one out posted by Mod Mischief! Several other really good ones, and how-to’s there, too.

I’ll stick a few more pics from Halloween out on flickr in the next few days, too, and try to post some of the final party food pics.!

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  • Loren Taylor [] :


    Did you make the above costume or buy it?

  • Dot [] (author) :

    It’s not mine, but follow the link to Mod Mischief, they made it.

  • Kadie [] (elsewhere) discussed this :

    I just stared at this for a good 2 minutes before I figured out what was happening.