Henri, the Octo-puppet – prototype almost done!

Don’t forget the April Fool contest — deadline extended to April 1!

Henri, the Octo-puppet

OK, he’s actually a hexapus, since he only has 6 legs. And he was named after the Hexapus discovered in Britain (Henry), except for some reason my hubby keeps calling him Henri, so that is his name. I guess he’s french ;)

He’s entirely made out of two recycled sweater sleeves, a ton of buttons, and some scrap felt. I had the idea back in January and had made progress on actually doing something in early March

I was planning to make this a stuffed toy, but my toddler got ahold of the partially finished Henri and proclaimed “Muppet!!” while sticking his hand up the center. (He’s addicted to muppets and sesame street on youtube). So a puppet Henri shall be.

I’ve still got one leg of buttons to finish (what a pain!) and to stuff him slightly.
I’ll also be writing up a tutorial on how to create your own… :)