Illustration Friday – "Pet Peeves" and "Heavy"

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Pet Peeves
Illustration Friday - Pet Peeve
The Pig is Peeved.

My IF for this week is late, because I hadn’t finished last week’s, so I’m posting them together.
I decided to play off the theme I had started in Leap .. Mother Goose nursery rhymes– and to try to replicate the style.
So, what do you think? Cool?

Illustration Friday - Heavy
The queen is not a small woman, in fact, she’s quite heavy from her diet of bread and honey.

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10 Comment(s) »

  • josh pincus is crying [] :

    nice illustrations in a great style!

  • Tiddly Inks [] :

    Yes, it is cool! I like the writing in the background.

  • Nicole [] :

    Cool! Nice works!

  • Rui Sousa [] :

    Nice works, a great style!

  • The Caffeinated Crafter [] :

    I adore the queen one. The pig one is funny stuff, too. I’m in awe of your skillz.

  • ValGalArt [] :

    Very neato! I love the shadowy look to the images and the look and colours could be like a cartoon on t.v.! Love it! :>

  • BlackCrow [] :

    love the queen, look at her stockings,green poka dots!! I want a pair!
    Great illustrations.
    I used to submit to illustration Friday but I still check out peoples work. I’ll get back into it again as soon as the 101 other projects are out ot the way!

  • sketched out [] :

    Very cool indeed. Nice to get two of your drawings for the price one this week, hee hee. Fun idea to do nursery rhymes.

  • Tony LaRocca [] :

    These are great! Poor pigs – don’t get any peace!

  • Digital Scott's Illustrationblog [] :

    Both of these are great too! Though I hate the unexpected Flickr click thru a lot. You have a terrific style.

    See my awesome “sandwich technique”, how I insert a critical comment between two compliments???

    I really do like your work. Pardon my geekiness.