Halloween Decor: House Zombies and Creepy Cherubs!

The creative Vanessa at Gerbera Designs was one of our winners in last year’s Dabbled Halloween Contest, so I asked her if she had any great stuff to share with us this year! And she did! These are both easy and inexpensive ways to punch up your halloween creepy decor factor…

House Zombies

Check out her fun and easy tutorial on how to make House Zombies! What a great way to decorate for a party, or to give a few trick-or-treaters pause before walking up to your door.


Go read the full tutorial over at Tried and True

I do love this idea. In fact, we have a similar decoration, of a ‘hanged’ man which hangs in our windows… there are tons of things you can do with this silhouette idea, so use your imagination!

Creepy Cherubs

ceramic cherub (thrift store/dollar store), Sculpy, Oven, Spray Paint (Black & Gray), Acrylic Paint (red & black)

1. Using Sculpy, form two small horns and attach to head.
2. Create and attach points to tip of wings (you could also cover the feathers completely to make the wings look more leather-like).
3. Form and attach a pointed tail to the rear of the cherub.
4. Bake according to instructions.
5. Allow item to cool completely and apply a solid coat of gray spray paint.
6. Lightly spray black paint from a distance of about 18 in. This will created a speckled effect.
7. While item dries completely, dilute black acrylic paint with water.
8. With a sponge, drip the black paint (very watery) over the cherub to create a streaked look. Continue until satisfied.
9. Paint eyes red.
10. Stand back and enjoy your little Creepy Cherub!

This was one of the winners in the contest last year and a personal fave of mine! Thanks for letting me repost it here! (Text and pics belong to Gerbera Designs. Link to original)

Have a great Halloween project to share with us? Let me know!