From Funny, to Geek, To Scary… Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Halloween isn’t too far off, and it’s not too early to be thinking about that perfect pumpkin!

Wisdom of the Moon - PumpkinCarve Your Face

This one from Wisdom of the Moon is just fabulously done! Yup, that’s her face, and she carved it. She has a very detailed tutorial so you can put your own face on a pumpkin, too. And if you don’t follow her blog, check it out… she’s got some great stuff there. You can win your own carved stamp if you hurry! (Great, now I’m messing up my chances of winning!)

Link to Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

How about Funny!?

pumpkin2005Josh Pincus is Crying has some really fun ones he’s done in past years!

(Check out his art while you’re over there — especially if you like illustrations and obscure stories of dead celebrities!)

My favorite is this one <–  Pie Anyone?

More funny pumpkins from other sources to check out:

Really Geek Out! Pumpkins to bring out your inner Nerd…


Wanna Go Classy?  Check out these ideas…

These Holey pumpkins look simply lovely in groupings!

How about gilded pumpkins?

How about some lovely stenciled pumpkins?  How to is here at BHG..


And more just good ‘n creepy!

Incredible creepy pumpkin carving tutorials at Villafane Studios!… this guy is GOOD

Not a pumpkin, but a melon brain! (Instructable)

A creepy Cenobite pumpkin… eww!  And check out all the others at Extreme Pumpkins… the 2008 winners are awesome.

Last years ideas from Martha Stewart are worth revisiting – Owls, Black Cats, and more are here.  Carving tips too.  And love her or hate her, she has some great stuff!

More Inspiration:

Hope you enjoy this jack-o-lantern idea post… More will be forthcoming, of course, as we get closer to the big day!

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